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Legal Expert and Best Selling Author Says Michael Jackson's Estate and Children Are in Trouble

Legal Expert and Best Selling Author Says Michael Jackson's Estate and Children Are in Trouble -

Nationally known estate planning expert and best-selling author, Alexis Martin Neely, fears Michael Jackson's children may face a similar fate to Anna Nicole's daughter after learning both mothers signed away rights to the children and Michael was deep in debt at the time of his death. 

LOS ANGELES, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Nationally recognized Estate Attorney Alexis Martin Neely says Michael Jackson's estate will be the subject of immense conflict and strife in the coming years.

Martin Neely, author of "Wear Clean Underwear" the bestselling book on legal planning for parents who has appeared on the Today show, Fox News, CNBC and other programs as a family legal expert, says, "For the sake of his children, whose privacy he so valued, all we can hope is that Michael planned ahead, had life insurance, and named both personal care guardians and financial guardians he knew and trusted."

She goes on to say, "Michael's estate is complicated because his first two children were born to one mother and the third was born via an unknown surrogate.

Plus, since Jackson is reported to be around $500 million dollars in debt and has an unknown amount of assets there will be extensive fighting among creditors and family members. The larger question is who will care for his children and where is the money going to come from to do it?"

Martin Neely says there is an insider strategy known to estate experts that Michael Jackson could have used to ensure that there are assets available for the care of his children regardless of the debts against his estate. Let's hope that his advisors knew about and utilized this strategy.

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