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Inheritance scam hits

The Frederick News-Post
December 07, 2007
By Gina Gallucci
News-Post Staff 

 Are you getting letters from Spain regarding a distant relative’s will?
The lawyer claims your relative died without a will and left $14.8 million behind. All you have to do is give the lawyer some information to complete the transaction.

The truth is — there is no relative. You are being scammed.

The Frederick Police Department is warning residents about this scam after finding a few Frederick residents have been targeted.

The letter does not initially ask for money but it is only a matter of time until they do, said Bill Douwes, crime analyst.

“Once you contact them,” Douwes said, “they start extracting information from you.”

The letter promises to split the fortune with the resident as long as they help in the probate process.

Usually in these types of scams, once the lawyer has extracted as much money as possible, the individual stops contact and disappears with the money, Douwes said.

The department recommends residents disregard these letters and do not send money or information.